NOTE: titanic weapons are neither energy- nor kinetic-based, so they will not benefit from repeatable technologies. Explosive weapons can be divided into 3 categories: Missiles, Swarmer missiles and Torpedoes. Due to the much lower damage output of scouts, and testing without missiles or strike on the opposition, they were not included in … Point-defense weapons are small turrets that are capable of targeting and destroying incoming missiles and strike craft, preventing them from dealing damage to the ship.

The most frustrating thing about fighters to me is that they launch in single file while already in the other fleet's weapons envelope. The central issues that impair their usability in this role is their inability to stay out of range of the enemies heavy battleships, and the initial salvo those ships send out.

While other strike craft ignore scouts and try to kill the enemy carriers, scouts are busy killing the enemy strike craft first and only after that's done they go after the enemy carriers unopposed. Right now it's 2 different states, with 2 different speeds, and that completely messes things up.Sins of a Solar Empire did that. "Some changes have been made to strike craft to make hangar sections more valuable. (comparable cost)5 carrier/5 heavy vs. 5 heavy/34 corvette. There's nothing in the video that would indicate that there's any huge benefit to using strike craft or that they can change the meta, it just compares all the strike craft against one another. In addition to this, strike craft continually spawn as mentioned above, leading to potentially much higher DPS during long battles against a fleet without point defense. One shot from a giga-cannon, no more shields. They should have the best "weapon" range. Retrieved from "" Nice to know. Since the player has essentially no control over anything beyond the initial engagement range, why bother simulating that behaviour at all?Besides the obvious combat range fix (give us dedicated carrier combat computers that keep them at the longest range of all or such) I wonder how much it would help if strike craft had a large initial speed boost that lasted for a good while.It would lessen the issue of travel time vs instantaneous L and XL weapons and also lessen the issue of strike craft replacement mid battle.

If anyone wants to add this, I'd suggest using the orbit attack pattern. This includes strike craft, so if a ship only has hangers, then the ship will move to approximately 10 units away. * Strike Crafts now have an engagement_range, making a pure hangar based design viable. And while they technically have a longer range than these weapons, it takes much longer for them to enter effective range, so L range weapons should be able to get off 1-2 shots before strike craft even engage them.The targeting priority of strike-craft is also a little off. Carriers work as PD better than actual PD though as per the testing that a guy on reddit did.

Corvettes don't deal much burst damage, and the PD,S,M load-out of the hanger/carrier sections should be sufficient to handle smaller fleets of corvettes, while the strike craft remove the actual threats. Due to the much lower damage output of scouts, and testing without missiles or strike on the opposition, they were not included in the tests.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Development Studio.Press J to jump to the feed. Energy weapons that specialize in dealing damage to shields at the expense of their damage output against armor and hull. Many weapons come in multiple sizes. Torpedos are slow to fire but carry a bigger payload and thus inflict high damage but have low survivability against point-defense due to their slowness.

So not only could carriers attack the moment they left hyperspace and arrived at the gravity well but carriers could also lock down other fleets from escaping due to being engaged in combat.

Disruptors fire energy bolts that damage and destroy the molecular bonds holding the target's constituent atoms together.

Additionally, due to weapons load-out of the hanger and carrier sections, this basically means that a dedicated carrier will move to around 30-50 units away from the action when fully loaded. Autocannons are a smaller, rapid-fire version of the Mass Driver that fires very small solid projectiles at a very rapid rate. Due to this, in a battle between a fleet of heavy battleships and corvettes, vs a comparable fleet of carriers, the carriers will loose hands down.So, a carrier cannot stand up to heavy battleships; but they are able to handle larger fleets of corvettes extremely well. with the ccarrier computer, can you use other ships as tanks, They ignore both shields and armor and deal base damage directly to the hull. All Strike Craft variants have fast launch times, longer launch ranges than vanilla, faster speeds, and overall better stats to improve their performance in combat. Not exactly the ideal spot for them.Another bug, or oddity, is that while strike-craft do outlast the destruction of their parent craft, and will attack their current target until it's destroyed or the battle is over, they are incapable of re-targeting without their parent being present.Balance wise they compete for space with other, more effective weapons; trading at a 3:2 or 2:1 ratio with L weapons. Strike Craft are generally seen as the unwanted ginger step-children of Stellaris combat, for several reasons which culminate in them generally being regarded as "Missiles but worse" or "Point Defence cannon fodder".

E.g; the ability to:• Disable engines, removing the ship's ability to move at all in the battle + set evasion to zero (auto repaired if their side wins), • Disable the target's hyperdrive, removing their ability to emergency retreat, making strike craft a useful tool for trapping & annihilating large ships.

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